Jeffery D. Stein

Born in Toledo, Ohio.

I have been taking photographs for many years for the fun of it.  In 2001, I made the move to digital photography.  Since then that transition, my photographic skills continued to improve for now there were wonderful ways to not only have control at the camera but now with the aid of desktop computing, really technology influenced smart cameras, printing, and distribution, many more efficient new avenues have opened up for me.

In my photographic early days, I focused on events and people.  Over the years I have added more landscapes, iconic views, and the real fascinating journey into night photography.  As to photographing people, my specialty is to capture people as they are and not necessarily posed.

I hope you enjoy my photographs but now the real process is called digital art.

All images are for sale and I am pleased to report many friends and admirers have purchased my images.  I am available to photograph events such as parties, anniversaries, weddings, special events from South San Francisco to as far north as Calistoga.  I am available for commissioned works.

One area of unique photography are nightscapes that involve very slow shutter speeds.

In addition, I have Gigapan camera mount for large format photos of 360 degree shots or less.  This mount captures not only large detailed horizontal shots but the vertical depth too.  See www.gigapan.com

My hourly rates are reasonable and the photographs on this site are for sale at modest prices.

I use top-of-the-line Canon DSLR with a full assortment of many professional lens.